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Gorgeous Tiny Red Male Available

Three Little Red Pepper Males Available

Raven and Red Pepper Had Puppies 12-22-09

Sparkles and Red Pepper Had 3 girls and 1 boy 12-27-09

Nutmeg and Red Pepper Had Puppies 12-27-09

Thumbelina and Trinket Had Puppies December 29th

Sabrina and Red Pepper Due Early January

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Here are the Pedigrees of My Moms and Dads
***NOTE***All Mommies and Daddies at Puppiesinabox are AKC only.  Most and soon all will be DNA'D so you know you are getting exactly what is represented.  Other registries all started with AKC but if they are registered any other way cannot be verified to be what they say they are.

Sweet Autumn Leaves - Red Liver 8-1/2 lb. Girl

Trinket is the very best! He is a deep red that actually keeps getting darker. Nice pedigree, short and cobby, nice bite, gorgeous coat, good nostrils, and no health issues at all.

"Java" is the most perfect little rare chocolate brindle little baby. She has an excellent pedigree and is on the smaller size. Her and Red Pepper will be having puppies in 2009!

The AKC Official Pedigree below is Kim's and PIB'S Chocolate Bliss

"Spicey" is the Best of the Best! She is a deep red and has the most spectacular babies ever!!! She weighs 7 lbs. and always has tinies!

"Raven" Is an awesome little black girl. She has a nice pedigree, is short and cobby, level bite, and is 7 lbs.

"Jamie" is a tiny little perfect CH. sired Clown. She is a wonderful little gal. Excellent confirmation, gorgeous coat, beautiful headpiece and sparkling personality!